Tuesday, July 01, 2008

the next level

i began working today as full-time stringer of bloomberg. thankfully, i was without jitters because i have suited myself to the job. kler told me i have credits to the story that i stringed today. i joined a dinner with tony jordan, the head of the singapore regional bureau, and the rest of the manila bureau staff later in the day. the guy was warmer with me than my last encounter with him. and he sort of officially welcomed me to the company, with which i have been in nearly two years already.
thankfully again, i don't have to make much adjustments and i have pretty much avoided to swell my head over this development in my career, if there's such a thing.
although, i think, i should be excited still because this is all new to me. i don't think of this as a major change although i heard tony say in our muted conversations that i have indeed changed jobs and that in between i should have taken a break (i did last week, but that may not be enough).
i don't know how long will i stay this way. my critics (yes, virginia, they exist even for such a lowly creature as me)don't trust my capabilities for this kind of job although i do and that is enough for me. i'm not a know-it-all, but heck, i just have to deliver what is expected of me and that has to suffice for now. i live one day at a time.


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