Tuesday, June 10, 2008


quite a disturbing news story i read today: a 25-year old japanese youth killing seven persons in a fit of anger and hopelessness at a teen alley in tokyo.
the afp story said the young man drove his van and mowed people along the way, then stopped and lunged his knife at everyone at random. Besides the seven dead, the mindless attack wounded 17.
The man said he was deranged and in his blogs described himself as without a "single friend" and "ugly."
jobless, he wrote a "man with hope could never understand" what he did. "i'm lower than thrash because at least the thrash gets recycled," he said.
oh, what a poor soul, what a very low self-esteem, what a pitiful end! Mother Teresa said it's not material things that the world is lacking of, but love. if the young had known love, he would not have done what he did. he was such in an unfortunate society that was materially blest but emotionally and psychologically poor.
i wonder how many people like him are there in the world and what society can do to love them?


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