Wednesday, August 09, 2006

a servant's prayer

here's a beautiful prayer composed by the founder and adviser of our community. it comes from the heart and strikes at the heart. indeed, without God, Jesus and the Spirit, a servant is without reason, without purpose and without direction. only God can make a servant. no servant can start his work and give it closure without God.

Servants Prayer

I am nothing Lord, You are everything,
-Think in me
-Breathe in me
-Flow through my blood
-Look with my eyes
-Speak through my voice
-Move in my actions
-Work through my labor
-Beat in my heart

Be with me Jesus, in all things at all times
-In my heart
-In my service
-In my suffering
-In my laughter
-In my family
-In my decisions, and
-In all my directions

Come Holy Spirit, infuse in me the fire of your love and fill me with your holiness.

(Glory Be…)