Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Amazing Superman
I know God killed Superman but I can't help it. I dig for this fantasy hero.
Over the weekend, I spent more than two hours watching an old Superman movie - Superman 1 - to compare it with Superman Returns which I watched recently.
I know this is silly because besides Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck, I don't idolize characters whose only concept of life is the silver screen.
My companion in the house lent me his VCD of old Superman movies and having finished movie 1, that left me with three other installments - all starring the unfortunate Christopher Reeves - to gorge on over the next weekends.
I was laughing when I was watching the movie because Lois Lane was really a funny character, you know the woman who spelled brassiere with a 'Z' and didn't know if bloodletting had two or three 'Ts.'
Well, how about Lex Luthor? From the start, all he wanted was land. I think Superman irked him because the fellow has no idea how valuable land is among earthlings.
Curiously, Superman Returns was faithful to the original storyline and maintained the characterization and each one's peculiar lines.
So what brings me to writing about the ultimate god of the skies? Well, I want to be Superman myself and that I want to conquer the skies.
I should say that had I not been a writer, I would have been an astrologer. I want to be in the skies because I want to see the universe that is out there in all its infinite glory.
As a child, on clear nights, I would often look up the moon to see any sign of life in that celestial planet. I would only see patches of grey, which I think now must be a patch of land.
That fascination hasn't changed, I still look up the moon when the skies are bright.
Of course, I want to see what else is there in that big universe.
Unless I'm dead I would have no way of seeing what's up there in the heavens. So, I can only dream of flying.
So, that's why I like Superman. Even if I know he's just a figment of imagination and that God didn't actually like having someone with divine powers to fool humans out of seeing reality.