Saturday, August 16, 2008

the 'sonic' experience

if it's meant to happen, it will happen. there was i on a weekend junket in cebu when after checking into the hotel, guess who would pop into the door? the sonicflood! guess again, the US-based christian music band was to hold a concert that night right in the hotel!
i grabbed a companion and asked him to take a picture of me with the group. i perked up and courageously introduced myself to the group and told them of my wish for a photo opp, to which they warmly acceded.
that night, i was among the thousands of cebuanos cheering on the band and joining in the worship concert. i had called up a brother based in cebu to ask him to join me in the concert but was he was on a more pressing matter.
so there i was, alone, though not quite - i don't do concerts all by myself, the feeling is so great that one must have someone to share it wtih. but i did enjoy it! i was trying to temper myself, just tapping my hands gently against my lap and occasionally raising my hands and clapping them.
towards the last quarter of the concert, i couldn't contain myself anymore and keep the desire to sing and dance out loud for God. He was so alive in the singing that night, so i rose up and gyrated, shouted, raised my hands in abandon in praise of my Great God! i didn't care what was happening around me because they've been dancing and raising their hands long before i did. wildly, i opened myself to the Lord and it was the best praise i ever had in months!
o, what the Lord can do that one couldn't anticipate. everyone is asked to be a worship leader and i remember rick, the vocalist of the group, saying halfway through the concert that we praise and worship God by our lives.


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