Monday, December 15, 2008

gary v.

Somewhere in a men's magazine I read gary v.say that he can say things when he is angry but he can say sorry when he needs to.
I read that at a time I was angry with someone. But last night, I made amends and asked for an apology and the person accepted it and in turn apologized for anything that may have hurt me, too.
For all I think I'm worth, I'm really detestable when I'm angry and express that emotion. I can unthink and say hurtful things.
But then it's really not me to have an enemy. I was glad the person was receptive to me, for really I was sincere with what I did.
I realized I'm a very proud person yet I profess allegiance to a God known for mercy, patience and humility. Jesus left no pride in Himself suffering for humanity and here I am striking back for a little offense on my person.
But I'm glad I let go of my pride, humbled myself as needed and now the animosity is over.