Thursday, December 14, 2006

i am, therefore i exist

this is terrible, i haven't done a blog for nearly two months. it means i didn't have time left to write down my thoughts. i must have been crazy busy the past weeks.
i saw iris at the ejap party last night and she said she made a comment on my latest blog, and that was like oct. 22. i haven't logged in since then.
i was surprised to know she recommended me to coco. i thought i didn't have it but somebody else saw it.
my last blog was a scoop story and since then i have made a lot of other scoops, both from the bsp and dof.
but many times also, i was left eating the dust of other stringers - i was what you may call "natulog sa pansitan."
some other stories i shot quite late. it made me uneasy but kler told me that is normal in the job, sometimes you get the news first sometimes you play second fiddle but the principle is that you should be on top of the situation most of the time.
this is a tough job, but it helps that i enjoy doing it.